Interactive Touch LED Panel 65″ 4K-(TWB-UBC65)

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Parrot 65″ multi-touch screen takes presentations, lessons and collaborative discussions to the next level. Increase your audience’s participation through this multi-media interactive display and ensure information retention through increased focus. Interact with your up-to-date content through annotations, gesturing or manipulations. Working or learning has never been more fun.


  • A compact solution for presentations in education and corporate environments.
  • Eco-friendly with LED back light as well as multi-touch function for powerful presentations.

Advanced Features:

Plug and Play:

  • The interactive touch function is compatible with Microsoft Human Interface device protocol.
  • The user can experience the touch function without driver installation.


  • The interactive touch screen is based on infrared sensor technology that identify up to 10 points touch to enhance the productitity and to communicate effectively, intuitively and naturally.


  • The interactive touch screen adapts LED back-light which offers a thinner panel, lower power consumption,better heat dissipation, brighter display, better contrast level and produces less pollution on disposal.

Additional Features Include:

  • Support Wi-Fi printer
  • On screen Annotation
  • Virtual Whiteboard
  • Dual operating System
  • Android system built in
  • OPS for windows available (WB5250)
  • 4K Resolution (for 60HZ)
  • Android 5.0 version
  • Faster CPU-MSD6A828
  • Extended RAM to 2GB
  • Extended RTOM to 8GB
  • Anti-glare glass





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